CEO Jeff Comer Discusses the Benefits of Continued Learning

Jeff Comer
2 min readNov 2, 2020


Our early educational experiences follow a trajectory — primary school, high school, college, then university — but after that, many people assume that their days of studying and learning are complete because they are now entering the workforce. However, your education should never stop, as there are far too many advantages, both personally and professionally.

Jeff Comer, a hospital CEO formerly located in Sitka, Alaska, now residing in Cave Creek, Arizona, shares some of the major benefits that one can earn through a lifetime’s commitment to learning.

Bolster Your Credentials

Adding to your list of core skills is an absolute necessity in today’s job market, CEO Jeff Comer notes, because the landscape is constantly changing and many times, professionals need to wear many “hats” in their day-to-day roles. The skills that you possess right now might not be sufficient in the near future, with businesses and industries adapting all the time due to technology, consumer wishes, or a new vision. Therefore, it stands to reason that you must adjust as well and acquire a diverse set of skills that will expand the lifespan of your career, whether it is through the progression within your current company or transitioning to a new company. Developing new talents will increase your probability of having secure, steady employment.

Keep Your Elderly Self Engaged

As we reach the latter stages of life, education is particularly beneficial for a number of reasons, CEO Jeff Comer affirms. First, research shows that education can delay the onset of brain diseases like Alzheimer’s Disease, since the mind remains active in its pursuit of intelligence. It also gives elders a tremendous sense of purpose, a new zest for life, because they are attending classes and participating in a healthy group environment. Such involvement brings genuine happiness and reduces the feelings of loneliness or depression that are commonplace during seclusion. Retirement, though a joyous occasion, often withdraws you from the company of others, that workplace companionship you cherished.

Stay Sharp on Your Own Time

Additionally, outside of the workplace it is important that you gain the practical knowledge required to maneuver through the maze that is life, Jeff Comer, CEO, states. All of this understanding will guide you when you purchase your first home, settle on an insurance provider, manage your savings, decide on investment strategies, and navigate general life issues. Your workplace skills will not necessarily transfer to real-life circumstances, so ensure that you are prepared for those scenarios to the same extent as you would for a career challenge.



Jeff Comer

20+ years of experience as CEO of multiple medical organizations & facilities. Located in Sitka, Alaska