Businesses are essential to the community, even if they’re online. Dr. Jeff Comer, a 20-year CEO with a Doctorate in Psychology, understands the intersection of both economics and the community. By giving back to the community, a business can help others as well as itself.

What Exactly Is a Community?

Jeff Comer has helped turnaround many organizations through strategic planning and growth. One of the ways that growth can be accelerated is by investing in the community, which he has always included in part of his strategic planning efforts.

A community can be a physical place that is anywhere that…

Our early educational experiences follow a trajectory — primary school, high school, college, then university — but after that, many people assume that their days of studying and learning are complete because they are now entering the workforce. However, your education should never stop, as there are far too many advantages, both personally and professionally.

Jeff Comer, a hospital CEO formerly located in Sitka, Alaska, now residing in Cave Creek, Arizona, shares some of the major benefits that one can earn through a lifetime’s commitment to learning.

Bolster Your Credentials

Adding to your list of core skills is an absolute…

Forming and maintaining relationships in the workplace is an invaluable, yet often overlooked aspect of a prospering career that boosts your spirit, output, and long-term success.

These lasting, mutually beneficial bonds are established through trust, respect, acceptance, honesty, responsibility, inclusion, and an open line of communication. Any worthwhile association requires a significant commitment on one’s part and a professional relationship is not an exception.

Jeff Comer, a hospital CEO, from Cave Creek, Arizona, who has served as a CEO for multiple hospitals in a span of 20 years, outlines a few tips that will help you develop excellent relationships in…

Hi there! My name is Jeff Comer and I have spent 20 years as CEO of multiple organizations. Located in Sitka, Alaska, I am well versed in turnaround management for struggling organizations, strategic planning, and growth. I have also served on many non-profit boards and community agencies, focusing on fund raising and development. I recently completed my doctoral dissertation oral defense on mitigating sympathetic and HPA excitation (stress reactivity).

I have a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Arizona State University and a Master’s in Health Administration from Washington University in St. Louis and now a Doctorate in Psychology (Psy.D) …

Jeff Comer

20+ years of experience as CEO of multiple medical organizations & facilities. Located in Sitka, Alaska

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